A Safe Church is a Happy & Growing Church

Church Safety & Training

In today’s dynamic world, ensuring the safety and security of congregations is paramount. Our Church Safety & Defense Training Classes are meticulously designed to empower church patrons with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively respond to potential threats.

Explore our diverse training programs and join a community dedicated to responsible and proficient firearm usage.

Affordable On-Site Church Safety & Training

Our experienced instructors bring the training directly to your location, minimizing logistical challenges and ensuring a convenient and immersive learning experience for your team.

Characterists of church shootings

By conducting in-depth research and analyzing past incidents, our goal is to uncover recurring patterns, psychological profiles, and fundamental motivations of individuals engaged in church shootings. This valuable insight will empower us to craft robust strategies aimed at reducing risks, fortifying security protocols, and fostering secure worship environments.

situational awareness & threat identification at church

situational awareness & threat identification at church

We recognize the critical importance of being able to identify potential hazards in order to uphold a secure environment. Through engaging activities and hands-on simulations, you will gain the skills to observe your surroundings, recognize suspicious behaviors, and evaluate potential risks. Our instructors offer expert guidance to enhance situational awareness.

critical components of church defense

critical components of church defense

Recognizing the distinct challenges and vulnerabilities encountered by religious institutions, we empower participants with vital expertise and abilities to safeguard their congregations. Our thorough training covers crucial areas including situational awareness, evaluating threats, protocols for emergency response, and strategies for effective communication.



Via interactive drills and training centered on real-life scenarios, attendees will acquire the proficiency needed to adeptly confront threats from various perspectives. Seasoned instructors with extensive backgrounds in tactical operations and combat training will lead the sessions, providing guidance on techniques including heightened situational awareness, thorough scanning of surroundings, and rapid response to evolving threats.



Through lifelike simulations and hands-on drills, attendees will acquire skills for managing their firearms in crowded environments. Seasoned instructors with extensive backgrounds in tactical operations will impart knowledge on maintaining proper weapon retention, exercising muzzle discipline, and employing effective communication strategies to mitigate the potential for accidental discharge or harm to bystanders.



Attendees will be instructed in evaluating various factors impacting an incident, including location, and the potential for threats or hazards. Utilizing realistic simulations and scenario-based training, our skilled instructors will assist participants in honing their capacity to make rapid decisions, adjust to evolving situations, and prioritize safety for all. Our focus will be on elevating situational awareness, refining communication skills, and fostering strategic thinking skills.

“If your training only consists of standing calmly at a line making holes, you will not only fail under pressure but will become a liability to those around you.”

President and Founder


Richard, a veteran who bravely served as an Army MP during the first Gulf War, remains committed to expanding his knowledge base. He actively participates in rigorous Train-The-Trainer and Firearms Master Classes led by renowned instructors like Pat McNamara, a former member of the US Army’s 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, and Instructor Zero, an internationally recognized firearms and tactics expert. His learning also extends to engaging with various Law Enforcement, Military, and Private Military Instructors. Richard’s dedication to research is evident in his extensive reading list, which includes works by leading figures in the field such as Massad Ayoob, David Grossman, Jeff Cooper, Kyle Lamb, Mike Glover, among others.

Church Safety & Defense Training Nationwide

Equip & Train Your Church Leaders & Congregation

Through tailored programs and workshops, we provide comprehensive training on various aspects of leadership, pastoral care, worship, and community engagement. Our experienced instructors, well-versed in both theological principles and practical application, guide participants in developing essential skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution, and strategic planning to engage and disable threats to your church or house of worship.

Specialized Training By Industry Leaders

We Offer a Variety of Classes to Equip & Protect Your House Of Worship

We provide a diverse range of classes designed to equip and safeguard your house of worship. From security and emergency response training to leadership development and pastoral care, our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of your congregation and ensure a safe and nurturing environment for all.

Our training modules are developed by seasoned security professionals with extensive experience in the field. Each course is carefully curated to address the most pressing concerns faced by houses of worship today. We aim to empower your community with the knowledge and skills required to anticipate potential threats, respond effectively to emergencies, and maintain a secure environment where faith can flourish.

Our security training covers a broad spectrum of topics, including threat identification and assessment, conflict resolution, property protection, and emergency evacuation procedures. We also provide specialized courses for handling situations unique to places of worship, such as managing large congregations, overseeing special events, and ensuring the safety of children and vulnerable adults.

Beyond physical security, we also understand the importance of emotional and spiritual well-being within a congregation. Our leadership development and pastoral care programs aim to nurture these aspects. The leadership program focuses on building effective communication skills, fostering teamwork, and promoting a culture of respect and inclusivity. Meanwhile, our pastoral care program offers guidance on providing emotional support and counseling to members of the congregation, creating a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.

Basic Firearm Use & Safety

Discover the perfect option for beginners or those in need of a refresher. Unlock the benefits of obtaining your Concealed Weapons License.

Form and Accuracy Class

Master the art of shooting and boost your firearm confidence with our exclusive semi-private lessons. Develop your skills under expert guidance.

Skill Builder Series

Develop your firearm handling skills with magazine changes, malfunctions, various shooting patterns, trigger control, one-handed shooting, multiple target engagement, shooting and moving, & more.

Protective Tactics

Elevate your performance and defensive awareness with advanced techniques and drills for heightened speed, accuracy, and cognitive function under pressure.

AR-15 Defense Rifle Class

Master the art of home defense with the ultimate rifle, the AR-15. Discover its power, learn how to keep it in top shape, and wield it confidently.

Defensive Shotgun Class

Master the art of using and maintaining the defensive shotgun, while debunking myths and uncovering its true potential as a powerful firearm.